Why Purchase Royalty-free Beats?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new, upcoming musician or an experienced veteran, chances are that at some point in time you’ll find yourself needing instrumental beats. You might be short on time or you might be on a small budget stopping you from hiring a music producer. During such times, purchasing musical beats is the only solution. Thanks to modern technology and advancements in music, you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for audio music producers anymore. You can simply go on the internet and you will find tons of websites where you can buy beats from different genres right from the comfort of your bedroom, office, or recording studio.

But there is one thing you still need to check. You should clarify whether you’re free to use the beats without limitations forever or if someone can intervene and claim ownership or file for copyright. Sometimes there may be contracts that you need to sign before you are allowed to use the beats.

Coming to the main point, this article will give you a few reasons why you should purchase royalty-free beats all the time.

You aren’t a music producer

Producing music is more than having an amazing voice and knowing to play a few musical instruments. Even though producing music isn’t rocket science, it is an art form that requires patience, passion, practice, and mastering. In fact, there are college courses just for music production and engineering. Many music artists lack music production skills, which is why they consider purchasing music beats, especially royalty-free beats. This way you can get a professional beat without having to spend several years building up your experience.

Quality beats will be key

Purchasing beats is already a good thing but purchasing royalty-free beats is even better. Royalty-free beats are available on the internet easily. However, when you’re buying beats from the producers or record labels, you will obviously be getting amazing beats that are unique, catchy, and will be great for your music. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about crediting the original composers or splitting the royalties when your song sells.

These beats will help you save money

Whether you’re a live stage performer, singer, music producer, or hype man, the music industry is demanding at times. The life of a musician is a lot more demanding than it seems both mentally and financially. But by purchasing royalty-free beats online, you’ll be able to cut down on multiple production and post-production costs. This includes saving money on studio time, expensive software and hours of wasted time that you could spend doing something else more profitable.

You’ll be able to avoid copyright suits

This is arguably the most significant reason to purchase royalty-free beats. Royalty-free beats mean that once you’ve purchased them, you’ll be able to use those beats the way you want as long as you want without having to compensate the producer of those beats. You can even claim that you were the original creator of the beat. In simpler words, the producer or creator of the beats doesn’t have any right to claim earnings or royalties from your gains from using those beats. However, make sure to double-check when purchasing them because some creators insist on maintaining their rights even after selling you the beats.

You’ll be able to claim a lien on such beats

Most of the time, no royalty beats need just a one-time payment and the instrumentals are made yours forever. This means that you’ll be able to give them to a third party or resell the beats, and still benefit from it, depending on the original agreement you had with the originator. Some agreements grant you the privilege to claim royalties in case the beats you’ve purchased are used elsewhere, so make sure you check the terms.

Protect your online accounts

Music producers who produce beats and post them on websites have to sacrifice their time and money because they know they’ll be receiving royalties from those beats. If you’re a musician who has purchased beats online, you should know that denying these producers their royalties could land you in serious trouble, especially on online platforms that are dedicated to music. For example, platforms like Spotify and YouTube have strict policies that protect copyrighted material. They can close your account, delete your content, and even impose penalties if you’ve found violating these policies. Violating refers to people using copyrighted beats without the permission of the producer.

Purchasing royalty-free beats will protect your online music accounts from any issues because you won’t need the producer’s consent to use the beats. More importantly, you will receive permission without having to pay royalties for it.

Avoid any court dates

In an infamous incident, an Egyptian producer sued Timbaland and Jay Z for using flute notes in their 1999 hit single ‘Big Pimpin’ because the Egyptian producer had produced similar-sounding tones in 1957. Timbaland had already paid EMI Music Arabia $100,000 for using these beats but Timbaland didn’t seek the family’s permission to use those beats.

Avoiding such cases is possible if you choose to use royalty-free beats. You should remember that everyone wants easy money, especially if your music makes you a success. For example, producers may sue you even after you’ve paid the recording company for royalties. However, purchasing royalty-free beats will mean that no one can sue you for royalties because there exist no royalties attached to those beats.

Be smart and spend your time wisely

Your life as a musician can be great as the music is a career that helps you live your dreams to the fullest. You can spend as much time as possible making music and having fun. Unfortunately, purchasing beats that have royalties attached to them can impede your progress. Moreover, they give you a reason to spend your time looking for all the people involved who might own the right to using these beats. Then you’ll have to negotiate with them and come to a conclusion that benefits both parties. Sometimes, even court cases may ensue. However, all that can be avoided by making the simple choice of just purchasing royalty-free beats.

It is taxing to seek permission

Do you know whom you should seek permission from when purchasing beats with royalties attached to them? How to know if someone who can claim to own the beats is actually the one who deserves the royalties for those beats? How to determine the rights of the recording company, co-producers, and others involved in these royalties? The truth is that there is no way you can do so conclusively. This is especially true when people with weak claims to such royalties fight for it because they just want money.

In contrast, royalty-free beats come free of such shenanigans. In simpler words, you don’t have to do any research and find about people’s claims to these royalties because there are no royalties attached to them. Now having read this article, you should get a better sense of the advantages of purchasing royalty-free beats. Now, the next step is to get your lyric-writing skills together and write that next song. Hopefully, your next release will be the hit of next summer.



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