Do You Need a Vocal Booth for Recording? (The Truth)

There’s no one “right” method to record anything. Numerous musicians try with many various recording settings and microphones until they discover something that works best. Changes in your surroundings may also result in unique-sounding tunes. You don’t need a voice booth for recording, but you’ll want to have one. Vocal booths offer the clearest sounding … Read more

How to clean your guitar fretboard

An electric guitar maintenance kit is a fantastic method to learn about how various aspects influence the instrument’s tone and playability while also saving you money. For this tutorial, we partnered with guitar fretboard expert Jack Ellis of Manchester’s Jack’s Instrument Services… To maintain your guitar looking and sounding its best, let’s talk about fretboard … Read more

How to set up an electronic drum set

No matter if you’re considering purchasing a beginner electronic drum set, looking for a nearly silent home practice kit to improve neighborly relations, or have a brand new electronic drum set in a box at home and aren’t sure where to begin, the prospect of setting up an electronic drum kit can seem intimidating – … Read more